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Where are OOPS products made?

All our products are sewn in Slovenia using environmentally friendly and certified materials. We develop all models and designs for diapers ourselves and partially in cooperation with our Slovenian partners.

Normally, diapers are washed at 95°C. What is the recommended washing temperature for OOPS diapers? Are they going to last long if they are washed at such a high temperatures?

OOPS diapers can be washed at temperatures of up to 95°C. Studies have shown that diapers are already fully washed at 60°C. Washing at higher temperatures is unnecessary and the longer washing program just increases power consumption. Therefore, we recommend daily washing at 40-60°C. Even if you want to wash your diapers at higher temperatures, their expected life span is at least 2 years. However, it is true that any material will wear out faster if it is washed at a higher temperature, so lower wash temperatures will also extend the life span of our products. Our diapers are made from very durable materials and can be used for two consecutive children.

Do we have the option to choose different fastening types (snaps or Velcro fasteners)? If yes, which do you recommend?

Fastening with Velcro fasteners is easier and faster, while fastening with snaps is more reliable. Both locking systems work perfectly. Most parents combine both systems. If you need to replace a diaper at night, it is certainly easier to use a Velcro diaper.
With snaps, you can better adjust the diaper around the waist. Both locking systems can be used to adjust the diaper to the minimum size for newborns. Our Velcro fasteners are of high quality and the diapers have an integrated Velcro protection so that they do not stick to the rest of the laundry during washing.

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