Cloth diapers |



Environmentally friendly

Washable cloth diapers are less polluting because they produce almost no waste.



Cloth diapers are soft and comfortable to the touch. They let the child feel the moisture right away, which enables easier potty training.


Easy to use

If you are going out, just take the diaper wash bag with you and store the wet diaper into it. There is no more need to search for trash cans or special diaper cans, which is not the case if you use standard plastic diapers.



On average, a child needs about 6 diapers per day. Many newborns need twice as many diapers – an average of at least 8 to 10 per day, while larger children need an average of 4 diapers per day. This means that if you use 6 non-washable classic diapers per day, 180 diapers will be used every month!


Advice for use

Before first use, wash in a washing machine at 60°C.

Preparation of absorbent pads made of natural materials (hemp, cotton, bamboo):

  • Before first use, wash them in a large bowl of hot water OR
  • Wash the inserts at least three times at a higher temperature in the washing machine

Natural materials contain oils that are not removed during the fiber manufacturing process (this is even more pronounced with organic fibers). Oils do not mix with water, but they can be easily removed by a proper preparation of the pads. Natural materials therefore tend to absorb more water over time. We recommend to dry the inserts in the shade or in a drying machine. When dried in the sun, the natural absorbent pads lose some of their natural softness.


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